Do Restaurants Accept Crypto in the UK?

Institutional investors, investment banks, and fund managers, such as Tesla, Square, and JPMorgan, have continued to embrace Bitcoin by adding the asset and associated firms to their portfolios. Bitcoin isn’t simply a store of wealth, it can also be used as a method of payment in some areas, with a few merchants already on board. If you’ve been saving up your Bitcoin for a while and wondering “where can I spend cryptocurrency in the UK?”, here are some of the best locations in the UK to use your Bitcoin to pay for products and meals. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Money

Gift cards purchased with cryptocurrency through Bitpay and other crypto payment networks are one of the most popular ways to shop online with cryptocurrencies. The process is simple! Buy your cryptocurrency through a secure platform like Altalix, then transfer the crypto into your Bitpay debit card.

Some shops, such as Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Uber, and Spotify, allow users to convert cryptocurrencies for up to £1,000 in cash. While Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, does not take Bitcoin directly, you may buy anything on the site and pay with Bitcoin via a variety of crypto wallets. The wallets instantly link users who have Bitcoin and want to buy on Amazon with those who want to acquire Bitcoin in exchange for completing an order, making it a seamless process.

Can I pay at restaurants? 

Gift cards purchased with cryptocurrency through Bitpay is the best way to pay at a restaurant. Simply tap your card when you want to pay. However, as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and widely accepted, we expect more restaurants will also start accepting cryptocurrency. 

There are a few restaurants around the world that do accept direct cryptocurrency payments, however they are in the minority and are often located in technology hubs.

The UK Crypto Market Is Exploding

When choosing where to spend cryptocurrency in the UK, consider London as a starting location. As the world’s financial hub, there are likely more people in London who have digital wallets holding cryptocurrency, than elsewhere. London is the city in the United Kingdom with the most Bitcoin-related payment alternatives. However, you’ll need to obtain crypto through a platform such as Altalix which is ease-to-use and safe, then use a digital wallet to store your crypto before you can spend it. 

If your organization is brave enough to challenge the established status quo and accept Bitcoin in 2022, it may quickly become a status symbol. Many businesses have benefited from being early adopters, whether for marketing goals or to keep up with current technology. If you hunt hard enough, you can spend your Bitcoin almost anywhere these days, if not directly with the restaurant, then through a third-party gift card purchaser. While some of these solutions are novel, they all contribute to making Bitcoin more useful now and simpler to embrace in the future. Don’t forget to check out Altalix for one of the most secure and stress-free crypto buying solutions available.