Can You Shop Online with Bitcoin?

Crypto Craze

When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it was envisioned to be a daily transactional currency that could be used to purchase everything from a cup of coffee to a MacBook or even an apartment. Bitcoin has evolved over the last decade as a store of value and as a more usable currency thanks to the advancements in its transaction processing capabilities. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently accepted as a payment mechanism by a variety of establishments, both in-person and online. Most large online merchants still do not accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, but there is a workaround and a way to buy things from them using the digital currency of gift cards. Gift cards are the most straightforward way to use cryptocurrencies to do your online and offline shopping.

What Can I Buy?

The adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method varies per online stores that accept crypto. From AT&T to Twitch, a variety of organizations in various sectors are aiming to extend their customer bases by providing digital currency as a new payment option. You can even purchase some of your favourite video games! With most gamers choosing to buy their new games online, many game selling platforms are working towards accepting cryptocurrency. Even prominent game-selling platforms like Xbox are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Where Can Bitcoin Take Me?

There are several competing travel-related services, and most of them provide quite comparable toolkits. For example, Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceflight company, which is owned by billionaire business entrepreneur Richard Branson, accepts Bitcoin as payment method. Through their website booking platform, you can secure your dream space experience and pay using Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is also accepted as a payment mechanism by several taxi dispatch and airport transportation providers throughout the world. 

Cryptocurrency may even lead to a degree. The Institution of Nicosia, a private university in Cyprus, was the first to offer a master’s degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency in 2013. Your tuition costs can, of course, be paid in Bitcoin.

The Best Way to Buy with Bitcoin

Using a Bitcoin debit card is arguably the simplest way to buy anything using Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency of your choosing is preloaded on these cards. The shop receives fiat money as payment when you spend crypto. To guarantee that these transactions go smoothly, crypto debit cards work with payment processing giants like MasterCard and Visa. Bitcoin debit cards function similarly to ordinary prepaid debit cards, only they are filled with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency of your choice instead of traditional currencies. When you use them at a store, funds are deducted from your card in cryptocurrency and paid to the seller in fiat, such as GBP and EUR. You can reload the card when your balance falls below a certain amount. Did you know that you can buy your cryptocurrency on Altalix safely, easily, and securely without the hassle of hidden fees? After this you can explore ways to spend your cryptocurrency.